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Creating an Agenda for a meeting, workshop, conference or event is often a tedious task. This app has been designed to make it a breeze.

The biggest challenge faced in putting together an agenda is fitting each item into the right sequence and time frame. Moving items used to be a hassle as you needed to copy and paste and re-calculate with each change. Agenda Maker solves that by doing all the calculations as you move items or change time allocated - It’s really ‘at your finger tips’ - and allows you to test any permutation at the glide of a finger! 

Brain storm your your agenda items, sort and delete, allocate time and adjust to finalise. All the calculations are taken care of for you. Then simply hit the share button to email as HTML or as attached PDF. Cut and paste either text or an image into Keynote or other compatible application. You also have the option of adding it to your iCal calendar and inviting participants. Printing to a compatible printer via AirPrint is also possible.

As with most the things we do we alway try to keep it simple and limit functionality to what is essential. We believe this makes apps more usable and a useful business or activity planning tool.

This app aims to save time and reduce frustration.

We have a couple of ideas to enhance the app even further without over complicating it and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvement

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- Brainstorm and create agenda items

- Sort agenda items with ease

- Allocate time to agenda items

- Add notes to Agenda items

- Change color background of individual agenda items

- Create multi day agendas

- Share agendas via email or PDF 

- Add the event you your iCal diary and invite participants

- Copy either text or an image of the agenda for pasting into other applications

- Print the Agenda on compatible printers via AirPrint

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