Partnership with BlockV

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Over the past two years we have been privileged to work on an amazing project with the BlockV team. Being part of the creation of a smart digital asset platform we believe will change the way in which people, brands and other entities engage in our fast changing digital world, has been a fascinating journey. […]

Flick. for Windows Phone released

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We are excited to announce that Flick. is now available for Windows Phone. A major, “under the hood” upgrade to all versions of Flick. have been released over the past couple of weeks, in part to accommodate our release of Flick. for Windows Phone. We are asked why, in a world where iOS and Android […]

Eskom Monitor for Capetonions

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The power outages we have been experiencing due to Eskom load shedding has been rather disruptive both at the office and at home. In order for us to better manage these outages Josh and Sean quickly put together an app for us. After using the app for a while we decided to make it available […]

Team Weaver Launched

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Whilst we are a relatively small team here at ydangle apps, keeping track of all our projects both internally and with clients can be a challenging activity. We were initially using spreadsheets, documents and emails etc. to keep track of what we were doing both internally and with clients. Knowing which was the latest version […]

Press Release – Team Weaver

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To download the press release please click below. Press release – Team Weaver

We’ve taken some time out to…

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It is one of those things…. always busy doing work for clients or creating those cool new apps we love doing and we end up neglecting our own website. It got to the point were we could no longer face our old site so we decided to take some time out and create a new […]