Eskom Monitor for Capetonions

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The power outages we have been experiencing due to Eskom load shedding has been rather disruptive both at the office and at home. In order for us to better manage these outages Josh and Sean quickly put together an app for us. After using the app for a while we decided to make it available to other Capetonianes on the App Store. 

Currently only for iOS, the app will send push notifications to your phone when the load shedding status changes. By selecting the areas that you would like to monitor you can then see what times the power will be out at those locations. It also has a simulate mode where you can select a load shedding level and see what time the power outages would occur in your selected areas. 

The app also has a tab to follow Eskom’s Twitter feed and respond to their tweets. Tip: Tapping on one of the Tweets in the feed will open the Twitter app on your phone and take you to the Eskom feed. Follow Eskom and enable push notifications. That way, their posts will also be pushed to your device.

The Android version should be available shortly.

Feedback on the app allways welcome. 

Here is the link to the app:

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